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We create our products in harmony with the environment. That begins with our building technology. We need little energy, as our printing machines and air compressors are connected to a heat recovery system. Sun protection glass around the building keeps the room temperature pleasantly cool.

One third of our roof area has been planted. Rainwater is led into a pond, which has developed into a colourful habitat. Flood zones absorb water in the case of heavy rain and let it drain away without overloading the sewers. We heat our service water using a heat exchanger.

We are FSC® (FSC-C003585) and PEFC™ certified and produce your folding boxes with the eco-label you request. In doing so, we are paying attention to:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Alcohol-free printing
  • Mineral oil-free printing
  • Box optimisation

We can only present a small selection of our environmental activities here. Please feel free to contact us at any time should you wish to obtain more information about FSC® or PEFC certification and our other environmental measures.


Reducing Emissions

Low-emission printing

We only use detergents with a high flash point and plant-based detergents. The printing industry association has therefore authorised us to bear the label of “low emission printing campaign”.

We were very impressed with a pilot project using low-dust anti-set off powder. We have shifted our entire production to powder. This means that the air will be polluted with significantly less dust.
We were also able to reduce the moistening agent content to a minimum. In addition, we have fitted the moist facilities in our printing machines with ultra-fine filters.
In order to also be able to reduce cleaning times and the use of detergents, we are working on a new printing roll technology with an engineering company.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to further reduce emissions through modern technology.



Alcohol-free printing

100% alcohol-free printing

Since 2009 we are printing without the addition of alcohol on all machines. This is not an everyday occurrence in our industry. It took years to meet the technical requirements for this and for the print quality to achieve our business goals. 

In as early as 1994, we prepared the basic requirements for alcohol-free offset printing with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. This is how we created the basis for our current success.



Mineral oil-free printing

Colours without mineral oil

Despite the higher costs incurred as a result, we were one of the first companies to switch to mineral oil-free printing inks. We are setting an example and therefore contributing to preventing the transfer of mineral oil particles into the end product.


Box optimisation

Optimised use of materials

We have been providing optimised cardboard formats for orders for many years.
Through the extensive automation of measuring and control technology, as well as quality inspections, we increase quality and also save material.

Of course, we are FSC® (FSC-C003585) certified and can offer you products made from proven sustainable materials.