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Our company is a leading innovator in the development, design and production of folding boxes. With substantial expertise and a passion for searching for new solutions, we are able to delight customers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer goods industries alike.



Flexible, quick, individual

Folding boxes are a fascinating product. Especially when they’re created with creativity and with devotion to the individual requirements of the customer, as we do.


What inspires us

With approximately 150 employees, we can respond quickly to our customers’ changing requirements. From the initial draft right to the finished design, we remain enthusiastic about your product: with advice, development, production and service. Not sure how all of the specifications for your packaging can be realised within the same product? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are excited about finding workable solutions, even if they’re off the beaten track. To make sure we’re heading in the right direction, we always stay a step ahead.


Whereon we are inquisitive

Our expertise goes far beyond mere production: We use the most up to date technology in the packaging industry and are very well informed about the legal requirements of our target sectors. For this purpose, we work together directly with the manufacturers of production machines including, in the field of research and development. In addition, we remain in constant contact with universities and research institutions. How does this benefit you? We look forward to your questions.


What makes us different

As a medium-sized company, we combine regional responsibility with international business. Throughout Germany and beyond, our name stands for the most up to date GMP-compliant (good manufacturing practice) production, high standards for quality and safety as well as on time delivery. On a local level, we are also valued as a good employer with a wealth of interesting and carefully supervised apprenticeships. It’s this mixture we are proud of and what makes us successful.

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Company Philosophy

We pursue a clear, common goal: to delight our customers again and again with innovative, sophisticated and top quality production. Find out for yourselves how our employees approach your production with commitment and enthusiasm.


People are the measure of all things.

Ultimately, we know that our employees are our most important asset. We give them respect and support. They can grow and contribute their ideas – and be proud of the quality of their work and our products.


Room for attractive positions

Our functional company premises show how we can bring together ecology, high tech and employee satisfaction under one roof. With a clear, environmentally-friendly and generous architecture designed for the people who work inside it.

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Our founder, Emil Mittler, great-grandfather of Mr Berninghaus, founded the company in 1914. Since then, it has been run as a family business for three generations. Today, the company is headed up by its managing primary shareholder, Mr Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Günther Berninghaus.


Clean, safe, reliable

With youthful curiosity and many years of experience, we develop and produce a broad spectrum of individual folding boxes and sophisticated packaging for various branches of industry. The majority of our customers are from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer goods industries. We have specialised in the high standards for cleanliness, safety and reliability, which are particularly important for the packaging of pharmaceutical products.



Stronger through cooperation

We are continually investing in the newest production machines and collaborating on research with manufacturers. In addition, we remain in close contact with universities and research institutions. This lets us call the shots.

Our expertise and our modern technological equipment makes us a leader among folding box manufacturers. With our inquisitiveness and enthusiasm, we are continuously finding innovative ways to adapt our production processes to customer requirements.