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Preventing counterfeiting and tampering

Product security is important for purchasers and manufacturers alike, and can literally be a matter of life and death when it comes to pharmaceutical products.
Customers want to know that they are buying an unopened original and not a counterfeit. Manufacturers want to be able to verify their distribution channels securely.

Know how


A question of expertise

PLM has been successfully developing and determining systems and methods to prevent and detect counterfeiting for years. This allows us to offer you a broad range of high quality safety features, which can be designed to be low-cost or even cost-neutral.

Take advantage of our expertise and let us advise you of an individual, suitable solution.

easySeal Box

Anti-tampering protection

Reliable anti-tampering protection

One of our innovative developments is the easySealBox. It protects customers from buying or using goods that have been tampered with. In principle, it works like a seal that can only be opened once, but allows the packaging to be reclosed.

The PLM easySealBox uses a fourth tab, but does not require any adhesive in automatic packing machines. If you have the option for adhesives in automatic packaging machines, we offer alternative cuts for this purpose.


EU Directive

EC directive to protect against counterfeit medicines

EU Directive 2011/62/EU prescribes how the accountability of manufacturers and batches as well as anti-tampering protection must be guaranteed in the future. The implementation of the EU Directive is planned for 2016 at the latest. It is planned for the new safety standard to be implemented using a 2D DataMatrix code, which will be printed onto the packaging. The anti-counterfeit system has been described in detail by securPharm

We are already well-prepared for this.