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When quality becomes a brand

This is the decisive factor for many German products on all markets worldwide. Quality presents a selection criterion and basis for purchasing decisions.
Quality has high recognition value, which forms a brand. High quality packaging from PLM can be found all over the world.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification

Quality for three generations

Papierwerk Landshut Mittler is currently in its third generation and has being producing high quality products for 100 years.
In early 1992, we were the first to take advantage of the then new opportunity to prove quality and processes through DIN EN ISO 9001.

Standardisierte Prozesse

Standardised processes

Standardised processes

Continuity in the areas of quality and performance only works through the use of standardised processes. Ongoing business processes and overseeing all processes guarantees optimum workflows and the quick and flexible adaptation to new situations.


On time

We stick to deadlines

Through the continuous automation of data management in our ERP system, the resulting workflows, and even functioning industrial robots, ensure that these processes are as reliable, high quality and as on time as possible.


Pharmaceutical specialist (GMP)

GMP - more than just the satisfaction of safety standards

100% production reliability through all individual processes and beyond is a practised and validated policy at PLM.
This includes processes such as Change Control, CAPA, OOS, Deviations, SOP, Hygiene Monitoring and risk management, among others.
At PLM, you find maximum safety and product quality.


WPV code of conduct

Socially responsible business management

Through our WPV code of conduct certification, we guarantee that global demands for ethical and moral trade are complied with, as well as the requirements for conduct in line with competition and antitrust law. For us, this also means promoting fair and sustainable standards when dealing with our customers, suppliers and employees.