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Lean production – top quality

With a love for detail and forward-thinking technical equipment, we have held a leading position in production for decades.



Maximum automation

Our sophisticated ERP system allows us to provide reliable planning and streamlined production. Logistics is almost fully automatic upon completion.

Lean production and continuous automation provide a wealth of advantages: errors are avoided, requirements are complied with precisely, deadlines are adhered to. Automation in production is customary for large print runs.

Papierwerk Landshut Mittler has a high level of automation for all print quantities - lean planning, precise management, punctual delivery.



High tech machinery

Our machinery is always state of the art. Through some technological innovations, we are even market leaders. In close cooperation with the manufacturers of printing machines, we accompany with the latest technological developments. This allows us to always keep a step ahead of the competition. Our machines stand out through their environmentally friendly and safety-related additional functions. This guarantees sustainability and safety in production.

Even our smallest format offset sheet-fed printing presses have as sophisticated technology as their larger counterparts. This means: perfect quality for every order.


Quality standards

Highest quality standards

Through our successfully introduced quality management, we are continuously monitoring and improving our processes. We optimise the quality of our work wherever an opportunity for further development arises. For example, we have introduced an array of measures to reduce colour variations to a minimum. Over the years, we have invested a significant amount of expertise in the development of our colour laboratory. Through automated inline colour measurement and colour control, we can guarantee our customers consistent colour values even after years.